How to fix Webroot Critical Error?

Steps to fix critical error in webroot

Steps to fix critical error in webroot

The reason behind the Webroot Critical Error is when we try to update a specific file linked to system files. Webroot SecureAnywhere software blocks malware in several ways. It scans data and blocks viruses it detects. And it removes malware that is already on a computer. You can tell it to scan your PC according to a schedule of your choice.

Webroot Critical Error occurs when we try to update any system files and there is any interruption during the update process. If you want to fix this error, you need to uninstall and reinstall the Webroot software from your system.

A simple solution to fix Webroot Critical Error

In this blog, we will now discuss the process of uninstalling and reinstalling Webroot Antivirus, which will solve the “Webroot Critical Error/File Not Found” error.

Easy steps to uninstall Webroot:

Windows 7 or below:

  • Click the window button on the keyboard to activate the start menu.
  • Now, select the Control Panel option from the menu and then choose Program and Features.
  • In This Programs and Feature, choose to remove a program option from the list.
  • Now, from the list of all installed programs on your computer, select the product you want to remove and then click Uninstall.
  • Next, you have to wait for the uninstallation to complete and then restart your computer system to save the changes.
  • Webroot Software is now completely removed from your computer system. Now download the file from the webroot website again and start the installation.

Windows 8 or higher:

  • At the start menu, right-click the start button and then select Control Panel from the menu.
  • Tap Programs and then choose Uninstall a Program from the Programs Tab.
  • Now select the name of your product you want to remove from the list.
  • After selecting the product, click on uninstall and then wait until the application is removed from the system.
  • Finally, restart your system to save your changes.

After the uninstallation is complete, you need to download the setup file from the official webroot website and then reinstall your Webroot software on your computer system. Doing this procedure will definitely fix the Webroot Critical Error.

Webroot Software Reinstallation Process:

  • Initially, visit the Webroot official website to download the product setup file to your computer system.
  • Go to or and enter your login information.
  • After entering login information such as e-mail address and password, you can now select the product you want to download from the list provided.
  • Now tap the downloaded file to start the installation.
  • Tap Run and then follow the prompts on the screen.
  • Now enter your 20-digit Webroot key code in the corresponding field if required.
  • Once the installation is complete, double click the Webroot icon to open the application.

You have effectively reinstalled Webroot on your device. Check to see if the Webroot Critical Error has been resolved.

Contact Webroot experts for help

We hope you will fix the webroot critical error easily after following the steps mentioned above. If not, you don’t have to worry about it. Chat with the experts at Smart Web Securities and they will assist you with the most suitable solutions to fix the error easily.

Webroot SecureAnywhere Toll-Free Number +1 (888) 417 1629

Smart Web Securities provide expert help professionals who work tirelessly day and night to be capable of instantly resolving any issues identified by the Antivirus installation for their customers.

You can reach out to us for any issue related to Webroot SecureAnywhere, some of which are mentioned below:

  • Unable to activate Webroot antivirus.
  • Webroot installation with activation key.
  • Problems encountered while upgrading to the latest version.
  • Troubleshoot Webroot Activation Error: FZLC0056
  • Compatibility with Windows 10.
  • The anti-ransomware feature does not work.
  • Webroot Critical error that occurs while scanning your devices such as Mac, Windows, and Android devices.
  • Unable to remove detected antiviruses and malware.
  • Webroot login error.
  • Webroot antivirus cannot be refreshed.
  • Problems with removing temporary and unnecessary files from devices.
  • Unable to configure the firewall with Webroot.

You can call us at +1 (888) 417 1629 or write to us at and get all the help you need regarding Webroot antivirus.

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