With Headquarters in the United States, Smartweb Securities was founded in the year 2005 with the aim of educating each individual about the malware threat that comes along with the bright and colourful world of internet and softwares. Since then we have served over 27,000 clients with various anti-malware installation and activation services. Our family of customers is growing rapidly as we are constantly upgrading and enhancing our services and support.

It is our vision to take the importance of cyber-security to every home, every organization, every beginner who has just started off using computers and other devices for basic needs. To make this vision into a reality, we have a team of malware experts who are constantly striving to address every question, query or issue you report through our communication channels.

Among the list of many antimalwares that are available in the market, our specific expertise lies in the installation and activation of WebRoot antivirus, which is one of the most affordable, widely-used and highly trusted brand of digital security systems. Whether you are installing WebRoot antivirus for the first time or need help upgrading or renewing your subscription, we are here to help!